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Backyardigans Party IdeasIs your child a big fan of the Backyardigans television show? If so, you will want to use a bunch of Backyardigans party ideas for their next birthday. Not only will this allow them to be surrounded by some of their favorite characters, but it is also a theme that allows parents to enjoy a huge amount of party planning flexibility.

backyardigans party ideasAfter all, when you are using Backyardigans party ideas to plan your event, it is only natural that it all happens right in your own backyard. This keeps things very simple, and lets you make up a great décor theme too. For example, you don’t have to limit yourself to some streamers and balloons when you choose the Backyardigans theme, and you could easily add inflatable palm trees, costumes, and even some extra play equipment for the event.

Additionally, one of the best Backyardigans party ideas is to find small plush toys of the major characters to serve as favors for the guests, and tucking them all around the party site will make it a very memorable experience for each child involved. If you have the ability to play music outdoors, you should also invest in a Backyardigans CD to serve as the soundtrack for the day too.

backyardigans party ideasWhat sorts of foods are going to be included in any lists of Backyardigans party ideas? That too is something with many answers, and the choices are going to depend mostly on the age of the kids attending the party and the budget of the hosts. For instance, something as simple as animal crackers and beverages with animal shaped silly straws is just fine, but if it is to be an actual meal, there is still a lot of flexibility.

Consider that “kangaroo” sandwiches can be made with small pita pockets full of standard sandwich materials, gelatin “cut outs” can be great finger foods, and instead of the standard birthday cake, a tray of cupcakes decorated to look like the characters from the show can be offered too.

backyardigans party ideasFavors for the guests can range from such simple and low-cost items as bubbles and candies, to butterfly nets and even a DVD of the show.

Clearly, the Backyardigans theme is going to satisfy a wide range of ages and budgets, and is the ideal choice for the child who is a big enthusiast about the show. There are many excellent vendors of party supplies and most will even have packages and pages dedicate specifically to this popular theme.

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