Sweet Sixteen Decorations that will be a Hit

For many young women, their sweet sixteen party is a special event. The day is sort of a coming of age moment when she is not a little girl anymore. It is a graduation of sorts from hair ribbons and baby dolls to lipstick and driver’s licenses. Sweet sixteen is quite a big deal for a young lady.

If your day is coming soon and you want to plan the perfect party, there are plenty of things you will need to do. Of course, you will have to make such decisions as who to invite, when the party will happen, and what dress you will wear. Once you have the party location, you will have to start planning how to make it beautiful. Choosing the right sweet sixteen decorations is an important decision in order to make your birthday absolutely perfect.

sweet sixteen decorationssweet sixteen decorations In order to choose your decorations, start by thinking about what kind of party you are having. If the event is to be formal with food and attire, then you will want to choose décor that is tasteful and a true reflection of the formality. For this type of party, choose such decorations as fresh cut flowers, candles, and lace tablecloths. Choose subtle shades of white and pink to create the right atmosphere.

If the party is to be more casual, then you can get really creative with the decorations. Choose colors that reflect your personality, and make use of birthday balloons, ribbons, and flowers. If your party has a theme, then choose décor to meet it. For example, maybe you want the event to be all about the princess. You could create centerpieces on the tables with “glass” slippers filled with daisies or roses. You could give guests low cost tiaras as a party favor. Be as creative as you want, but remember to not overdo it. You do not want the decorations to overwhelm the guests or to detract from you on your day.

sweet sixteen decorationsRemember that your  sweet sixteen party is all about you. Choose the decorations that you like and do not be afraid to get creative. Feel free to think outside the box when it comes to standard décor for such an event. It is your party and it should be just the way you want it.

On the day you turn sweet sixteen, you are celebrating a very special moment. Enjoy the day and make sure the sweet 16 party to mark the event is just as perfect as it should be.

Tell us what you think and share your sweet sixteen decorations ideas here!  We would love to hear them!

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